2012 Toyota Camry: To be launched in New Zealand

Toyota Camry lovers in New Zealand will be happy to know that Toyota has launched the seventh-generation Camry in the country. The company is planning to launch the 3 new models which will include 2 new variants named Atara.

Some of the new features that you can expect in the new Camry include a refreshing new design, spacious interiors, quieter ride and improved driving dynamics. The car will have a new 2.5L four-cylinder petrol engine that will come with improved power and will give better mileage when compared to its existing model. Also, the new Camry will come with 6-speed auto transmission when compared to the present 5-speed gearbox.

The company is planning to launch all the 3 versions of the car in New Zealand by March 2012. With the launch of the 3 models, the company plans to capture a major portion of the car market in New Zealand. The company also plans to capitalize on the Atara name and is planning to target the private buyers and user-choose part of the New Zealand fleet market.